Cattery & Cat Boarding

Managing a cattery is rewarding and fulfilling if you have the drive, commitment and the strength to keep up. Just like caring for people, caring for other people’s pets is an enormous responsibility that requires great dedication, time and strength. Cattery requires knowledge. It requires you to know what exactly is required to set up a standard cattery. Catteries have various styles and designs which offer a wide array of benefits, but you have to understand why you are choosing which.

A cattery or a cat boarding is where cats are temporarily housed when they are unable or cannot stay at their owners’ home because of certain reasons like travel, holiday, house moves, building works or the inability of the owners to take care of their cats at that particular time.
Cats want to feel loved, enjoy the essence of being home away from home so Catterythis service is essentially required when the owners are not and will not be available.

However, people who build catteries do so either on their current property or somewhere on the land of a newly purchased house. Having a cattery requires that you register with the local authorities to ensure that they will permit you to build a cattery on the size of the land that is available on your desired land. Cattery, although, looks so feeble, is a serious business because governmental policies do not give room for the maltreatment of cats.

Running a cattery requires that you are fit and active because the daily tasks of cleaning of the occupied units, preparation, and delivery of at least two meals, administration of medicines (if any), grooming, washing, scrubbing, and disinfecting of the units between the boarders, balancing the spreadsheet, recording and managing arrivals and departures can be really demanding. This involves bending, shifting, tilting and is not meant for people who live a sedentary lifestyle. Managing a Cattery is an active occupation. Cat boarding is a way of life for those who manage one. It requires the culture of truthfulness and responsibility, and this makes clients place complete trust in you while they expect high security and care for their cats.

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It is required that you have the ability to communicate and express yourself clearly as this is an added advantage. People don’t give their cats to those who they don’t like. Attitude is needed when establishing a cattery. Beside these factors, there are no formal qualifications required to run a cattery at this present time, but it is essential to have a fore knowledge about cattery and cattery management.